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2019 Outstanding Service Awards

Nominations for the 2019 Outstanding Service Awards are now open.

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Nominations must be sent to the INCOSE UK Secretariat by Monday 16th September 2019 for consideration.

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INCOSE UK Outstanding Service Award

In 2014, the INCOSE UK Outstanding Service Awards were introduced. The idea behind the awards is to recognise our members who have contributed significant volunteer time and made a difference to INCOSE UK. Results are announced at the yearly ASEC event.

Awarded 2018 - Railway Interest Group

“I believe the RIG deserve an award as they have regularly held monthly interest group meetings for the last 3-4 years in the London area, minimal support from INCOSE UK. The events have been publicised and organised by RIG members. Attendance at these meetings have steadily grown and resulted in fruitful partnerships with organisations such as the IRSE. This has resulted in the promotion of good Systems Engineering practice and raising the INCOSE profile.”

Awarded 2018 - Michael Morua

“Mike has organised and hosted a joint IRSE-INCOSE UK RIG conference at the University of Birmingham. This is following the success of the same event last year, and achieved attendance of 100 people, with a waiting list of people to attend. This has been with support of INCOSE UK RIG, but minimal support from INCOSE UK to fund or publicise this.”

Awarded 2018 - Karl King

“Since the last ASEC, Karl has taken on the role of RIG secretary, keeping on top of organising RIG activities and communicating these with RIG attendees. Karl has also organised a joint IRSE-INCOSE UK RIG conference at the University Birmingham. This is following the success of the same event last year, and achieved attendance of 100 people, with a waiting list of people keen to attend. This has been with support of INCOSE UK RIG, but minimal support from INCOSE UK to fund or publicise this.   Karl is now seeking to run this as a regular annual INCOSE UK Event.”

Awarded 2017 - Model Based Systems Engineering Working Group

This group continues to go from strength to strength and has been so hugely successful that they have now made the decision to split into two. As a group they prioritise engagement and regularly command large turnouts at meetings. They also make it an objective that at least 1 paper a year is put forward for ASEC and as a result disseminate knowledge and expertise throughout the INCOSE UK community.

Awarded 2017 - Bristol Local Group

For consistently striving to maintain the continuity of the group through delivery of high quality, interesting events.

Awarded 2015 - Alan Mothersole, John Lomax, Gary Smith, Adam Cannell, Doug Cowper, Steve Ray & Gary White

Without these individuals we could not have made the INCOSE UK online certification an entirely UK process. They have volunteered to review the first UK CSEPs and also to help ensure the review process was fit for purpose, often encountering understandable though frustrating and time consuming teething problems. Some have taken reviews back to back in order to ensure that we can keep moving forward with Certification in the UK.

Awarded 2014 - Andrew Farncombe

For outstanding technical leadership of the UK Chapter over eleven years including Technical Events and Working Groups.

Awarded 2014 - Bruce Elliot

For leadership and commitment to the Railway Interest Group over many years, and his contribution to the In-Service Systems Working Group.

Awarded 2014 - Duncan Kemp

For significant contributions in Technical Working Groups, the professionalisation of Systems Engineering, and his contribution on behalf of UK to INCOSE's Systems Engineering Vision 2025.

INCOSE UK Pioneers Award

The Pioneer Award recognizes outstanding pioneer-applications of Systems Engineering in the development of successful products or services of benefit to society.

Below is a list of the INCOSE UK Chapter members who have recieved the award.

Awarded 2008 - Peter Checkland

Citation: Peter Checkland is unique: a highly successful Systems Engineering teacher, researcher and practitioner. Recognising the issues associated with the role of the human within socio-technical systems, he and his colleagues developed the Soft Systems Methodology (SSM), “a rigorous approach to the subjective” which is firmly grounded in systems theory. Through action research, Peter demonstrated that by systemically modelling purposeful human activity, organisational conflict could be identified, understood and resolved. A brilliant teacher, Peter has shared his ideas and passion with students and practitioners worldwide and has made an unparalleled contribution to the state of the art in Systems Engineering.

Awarded 2006 - Philip M’Pherson

Citation: Philip M’Pherson has been a practitioner, educator and intellectual leader in Systems Engineering for over 45 years and an early and inspirational member of the UK chapter of INCOSE. His appreciation for precise mathematical modeling in system design influenced submarine design for decades to follow. As Professor of Systems Science at City University in London, he set up the Department of Systems Science in 1972 – his knowledge, passion and tenacity led the department into a position of intellectual leadership in applying systems thinking. He developed the Inclusive Value Methodology (IVM™) for the broad measurement of both the tangible and intangible assets of projects and organizations. His lasting contribution to Systems Engineering is a clarity of understanding and quantifying the dynamic relationships among and within complex systems.

Awarded 1998 - Derek Hitchins

Citation: A proud public advocate and practitioner of Systems Engineering in Europe, and the spearhead and founding President of the United Kingdom Chapter of INCOSE. He has also published extensively in textbooks and journals, and has been an esteemed lecturer and professor throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. He is recognised as a “grand statesman” of Systems Engineering in Europe.

INCOSE Founders Award

Below is a list of the INCOSE UK Chapter members who have recieved the award.

The Founders Award is a highly prestigious award presented annually to one distinguished member of INCOSE who has made a major contribution to INCOSE. The award recognises outstanding individual contributions to INCOSE, be they a single event or a lifetime of significant efforts.

Awarded 2004 - Allen Fairbairn

Citation: Founding Member of the UK Chapter, Helped Establish the Netherlands Chapter, UK Chapter President, Technical Chair of IS99, co-founder of the Intelligent Enterprise Working Group and unrelenting supporter of INCOSE.

INCOSE International Outstanding Service Award

Awards for outstanding service are presented to recognise INCOSE members who have contributed significant volunteer effort on behalf of INCOSE.

Below is a list of the INCOSE UK Chapter members who have recieved the award.

Awarded 2017 - Ian G. Presland

For consistently providing superior services to INCOSE, as a member of the Competency working group and the Certification Advisory Group (CAG) and by providing ongoing positive impact to the UK Chapter, bridging all three activities for the benefit of INCOSE.

Awarded 2016 - Rick Adcock

For strong leadership contribution to the Academic activities of INCOSE, contribution and now editor-in-chief of BKCASE, and long term contribution to the UK Chapter of INCOSE.

Awarded 2016 - Dr Michael Wilkinson

For sustained contribution to the UK Chapter, taking up several leadership positions (at short notice) and for strong technical contribution to INCOSE work, particularly in the field of Systems Architecture.

Awarded 2014 - Duncan Kemp

For excellent service in the creation of an INCOSE SE Vision 2025 that will inform the global development of Systems Engineering as a discipline and INCOSE as a broker of knowledge and a world authority on Systems Engineering.

Awarded 2013 - Andrew Farncombe

Citation: For sustained leadership in the UK Chapter as Technical Director beginning in 2005. In this role Andrew has provided outstanding leadership, driving the high standards of UK technical events and working groups, and providing technically knowledgeable leadership and wisdom to the UK Council.

Awarded 2013 - Peter Lister

Citation: For sustained and dedicated service to Systems Engineering in UK leadership roles, including: President-Elect and President of the UK Chapter; Finance Director for a period of over eleven years; and Legal Director of INCOSE UK since 1998.

Awarded 2012 - Bruce Elliott

Citation: For outstanding service in furthering the cause of Systems Engineering in Transportation - notably rail - through his contribution to the Yellow Book, his pioneering research, his enthusiastic and purposeful INCOSE leadership of the UK Rail Interest Group and In-Service Systems Working Group, and his dedicated contributions to the Transportation Working Group.