Publication Types


ZGuides provide overview information on various INCOSE topics. They are aimed at people who are not necessarily familiar with the concepts found in the System Engineering domain. Currently there are nine ZGuides.

You do not have to me a member of INCOSE to access these guides which can be found here.

Omega Guides

Omega guides are similar to the ZGuides above but are slightly more in-depth. They are intended to provide be a "know-how" guide on various System Engineering topics and techniques.

Omega Guides are only accessible to members and can be accessed here.


Preview is a periodical eMagazine that is distributed to every UK Chapter member and UKAB member. It provides various news articles about INCOSE UK as well as various articles on Systems Engineering topics.

As well as the eMagazine version of Preview a library of all current and past editions in PDF format can be found here.


We publish ePreview on an ad hoc basis in order to communicate information that is time sensitive and cannot wait to be included in our printed version of Preview. When an ePreview is produced it is distributed to UK Chapter members by email.

A library of all current and past editions of ePreview can be found here.

INCOSE Publications

This section provide information about and links to various INCOSE and System Engineering documents and publications, including the Systems Engineering Handbook, SE Competency Framework, SEBoK and Journals.

INCOSE UK Chapter Documents

You can find all the various documents pertaining to the INCOSE UK Chapter including conference presentations, papers, Reports etc. Look here to see a list and links to all the documents available.