The INCOSE UK Advisory Board (UKAB)

The UKAB provides a forum for UK Systems Engineering organisations (within industry, government and academia) to influence the activities that INCOSE UK undertakes, and the systems engineering best practice that INCOSE UK promotes.


The UKAB was established in order to bridge the identified gap between INCOSE UK and the employers of its membership. The purpose of the UKAB is to allow UK Systems Engineering Enterprises (Industry, Government & Academia) to have their say in influencing the practice of Systems Engineering and to see directly the benefits of INCOSE UK.

The formation of the UKAB was also to stimulate the support of INCOSE UK working groups as this was seen as providing an executive arm for groups like the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) and the Department of Trade and Industry Systems Engineering National Advisory Committee (DTI SE NAC). The executive arm could provide worked solutions to the issues these groups were raising and trying to address with very busy senior people.

A secondary benefit was to replace the piecemeal support through sponsorship of UK events by providing funds through UKAB membership.

Benefits Of The UKAB

The benefits for organisations subscribing to the UKAB are:

  • Demonstrates the organisation's commitment to the professional Systems Engineering within the UK to both staff and customers.
  • Demonstrates the organisation's desire to advance the state of the art and recognition of the Systems Engineering discipline.
  • Belonging to a group that can claim to represent the “voice of industry” as a sounding board for Government and Academia on Systems Engineering issues.
  • Opportunity to influence Systems Engineering in the UK - state of the art, direction and structure - through INCOSE UK, the leading Systems Engineering body.
  • Recognition of the organisation’s commitment in INCOSE UK publications and at INCOSE UK events.
  • Free copying and distribution rights to all INCOSE UK event proceedings and Working Group products within the organisation.
  • Opportunity to share best practice and to tackle common issues collectively with other organisations practising Systems Engineering.
  • One-to-one contact with key systems engineering points of contact within other organisations.

The benefits for the INCOSE UK Chapter are:

  • Provides a route to those who employ INCOSE members and provides a corporate view of INCOSE UK activities.
  • Provides influential points of contact for dissemination of SE material within participating organisations.
  • UKAB involvement helps to encourage individuals to join INCOSE and participate in INCOSE UK events.
  • Provision of time and effort from an organisation's systems engineers to achieve working group goals.
  • Provision of advice on event themes and content that reflects industry needs and objectives.
  • Provision of advice to the UK Chapter Board on issues concerning the delivery of INCOSE UK objectives.
  • Financial support to the operation of the UK Chapter.

These benefits are achieved through cooperation between the UKAB and the UK Chapter Board. For more information about UKAB Membership please contact the