2019 INCOSE UK Elections

In 2019, the roles of Financial Director and Technical Director were up for election. A nomination was submitted for both roles, and these were uncontested, so no vote was required. The personal statements can be found below.

Personal Statement for Phil Savvides - Finance Director

I am applying for the role of Finance Director because I would like the opportunity to continue the reforms that I, in conjunction with the Council and Dot-The-Eye, have been pursuing over the last 3 years. Going forward, the next three years are going to be critical for INCOSE UK as we shape and adapt the business to meet the demands of today and remain viable into tomorrow. I have enjoyed the challenge of being the Financial Director for INCOSE UK over the passed 3 years and feel like I still have a vital role to play to ensure INCOSE UK continues to be a sustainable, credible and professional institution with the goal of improving the world through Systems Engineering at its heart.

I am a practising Systems Engineer with 19 years experience within the Ministry of Defence (MOD). Part of my role is to grow Systems Engineers across the business and I have recently been instrumental in implementing SEMAP for the MOD, which is to be delivered through Loughborough University. I am passionate about Systems Engineering and its future and have an in-depth understanding of the INCOSE UK financial outlay. I believe I am well placed to continue to serve the interests of INCOSE UK and its members.

Personal Statement for Professor Jon Holt - Technical Director

My name is Jon Holt and I am standing for my third term as Technical Director at INCOSE UK. I work for Scarecrow Consultants, hold a Visiting Chair in Systems Engineering at Cranfield University and I am a Fellow of both the IET and the BCS.

In my second term, I have been focusing on enhancing the INCOSE UK offering in terms of Technical Products and Technical Services. I have established the new INCOSE UK Publishing department. This was based on the success of the publication of ‘Think Engineer’. We have now established the Don’t Panic! Series of books, one of which has already been published, one that will be launched at the ASEC 2019 and three more that are currently in the pipeline. This has also been extended by the publication of the two TeamStorming guides for facilitating workshops.

I have also continued to oversee the updates and creation of Z-guides, Omega guides and technical reports by various Groups. At the ASEC this year, we will be launching the Z0 which provides a graphical overview of Systems Engineering best practice

The ASEC has also seen several improvements during my term, such as the launch of new Technical Products and Services, facilitating the Systems Summit and also making a hard copy of the proceedings available to delegates.

I am continuing to promote Systems Engineering through the publication of my 11th—15th books on MBSE (published through INCOSE UK and the IET) and I have spoken at a number of INCOSE events, as well as promoting Systems Engineering generally through my STEM work via Festivals, professional lectures and public engagements.

I would ask you to consider voting for me in the upcoming election so that I can continue my work and help to raise INCOSE UK to more prominence in both the INCOSE and wider community